Labeling catalog

In our catalog you will find the following topics:

Labels, tags and heat shrink tubing:

  • Self-laminating labels
  • Shrink Tubing
  • Marking of components
  • Marking of cables, cables and panels

Printer and scanner:

  • Portable label printers
  • Desktop Printers
  • Pressure applicators / special fields

Safety signs:

  • Mandatory signs
  • Prohibition signs
  • Warning signs

Pipe and valve marking:

  • Pipe marker with legend / text
  • Pipe marker without text
  • Valve Identification

Logistic marking and shut-off systems:

  • Barrier tapes & line warning tapes
  • Photoluminescent products
  • Warning Bands / ToughStripe

Lockout Tagout and Visual Security Control Systems:

  • Interlocks for electrical hazards
  • Interlocks for mechanical hazards


  • Absorbent mat
  • Oil-binding sorbents
  • Chemical binding sorbents