SAP Label Print Cockpit

SAP Label Print Cockpit is the cost-optimized implementation of product safety requirements with REACh & GHS solutions from Atos and ebsoft.

According to the REACh Regulation, the GHS Regulation is the second major project of the European Union in the field of chemicals policy. For many decades, manufacturers and distributors of chemicals have faced the problem of different classification by classification and labeling of chemicals in individual countries and in international transport law - which causes a high workload and rising costs for companies.

With the GHS regulation, the UN system for the classification and labeling of chemicals with transitional regulations has entered into force in Europe. It triggers the system according to the substance and preparation directive. Since 1 December 2010, substances must be reclassified and labeled by 15 June 2015.

With the Label Print Cockpit we offer a flexible, consistent, secure and fast SAP-based solution that meets the requirements for compliant implementation of GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals).

Just like REACh, the GHS Regulation provides for comprehensive communication obligations in the supply chain. In addition to the gradual re-creation of the safety data sheets, increased attention is also needed with regard to supply and production safety, as the effects on neighboring legal areas such as transport, dangerous goods and accident law or occupational safety and health are manifold. GHS covers all processes related to the handling, storage and transfer of chemicals. The implementation of GHS and REACh is complex and closely interlinked - an effort that is almost impossible to cope with in many companies with the available resources. The risk of noncompliance is increasing and can have significant consequences:

  • Delays in product launches
  • Image damage
  • Significant fines and fines
  • Unsatisfied customers

Further information on SAP Label Print Cockpit can be found here.